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A southern tradition that spans generations, heirloom portraits are meant to capture the innocence of childhood in a classic, black and white print with vignetting. These timeless silhouettes are making a comeback!
My heirloom sessions are ideal for babies who are sitting independently up to elementary age. Sessions take place in your home! All I need is a blank wall! 
Session pricing start off at $250 plus $50 for siblings. These session are short and sweet 10-15 minute sessions. I will hand edit 4 images for a digital album with print release! 

Heirloom Portraits

Children's heirloom photographs hold a unique and enduring charm, capturing the innocence and wonder of youth. Whether rendered in classic black and white or vibrant color, these cherished images are meant to be framed and passed down as precious family treasures. These cherished images embody the heartwarming tradition of passing down not just photographs but the love, stories, and memories they hold, reminding us of the enduring power of family and the enduring beauty of childhood.
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